We all got blind spots one time or another. Gathering bright minds to share thoughts and ideas from different perspectives and participating in a constructive discourse can enhance our decision making we are faced with everyday. Within Google Wave, BrainGroupyTM facilitates you in gathering your friends or colleagues or folks sharing the same interest as you where-ever they are to come together virtually and share ideas, analyze, discuss and comment on the concepts, and vote for the ones you think are good.

You can become a moderator for a brainstorming session on topics you're interested in by adding braingroupy@appspot.com into a wave and adding other live participants. As a moderator you've manageable control over the topic, the durations of the session stages, conference call, selection criteria and other features. As invited participants you can start sharing your ideas, as well as discuss, organize and vote after the moderator finishes setting up and starts the session. The moderator is identified by a red border around his/her photo. The participants are each assigned an arbitrary color if anonymity is not set. Otherwise all invited participants have green borders.

A brainstorming session is made up of 3 stages:

  • Brainstorming
    Rapid entering of ideas (ideaboltsTM) in the textbox without leaving your fingers from the keyboard. You can also edit directly on your ideaboltsTM but not others. Make sure to hit enter in order for others to receive the updates to the modification. The border colors of the ideaboltsTM match the border colors of the participant photos. The ideaboltsTM are not draggable at this stage.

  • Analysis
    Organize by moving and clustering ideaboltsTM. Add and view comments and access external resources by <Ctrl>-clicking the ideaboltsTM.

  • Voting
    Vote by clicking on the right button on each ideaboltTM. The ideaboltsTM are locked down at this stage, ie. you can no longer be able to edit nor move the ideaboltsTM.

Participant Profile
If the moderator did not set this brainstorming session to be anonymous, you can view the participants profile by <Ctrl>-clicking the participant photos.

Phone Discussion
If you have telephony service account from Twilio, you can provide your Twilio credentials and validated phone number to be able to communicate with the other participants who also provided their phone numbers by <Ctrl>-clicking on their photos.. No phone number is published nor is visible during the session. The moderator may initiate a conference call by providing his/her account phone number, entering a brainstorming topic, and clicking the Conference Call button. Once the Conference Room for this session is created, those who provided their phone numbers can also participate in a conference call.

Currently BrainGroupyTM is set for private session only, which means contents are confined within your Google Wave account. BrainGroupyTM remembers the state where you left off through Google Wave. In the future the moderator can set a brainstorming session as public if he/she wishes to store and publish the contents to the public. The icon lock appears on the upper right when the session is set to private.

Session Replay
You can replay a re-opened brainstorming session by clicking on the Playback button on the top of the wave, and review step-by-step forward by clicking on the right arrow. Currently BrainGroupyTM can not replay backward.

  • Google Wave in Google Chrome or Apple Safari (recommended)
  • Abobe Flash Player 10 or above
  • Tips for a Better Brainstorming Experience
  • BrainGroupy and Google Wave perform best in Google Chrome or Safari. Currently there are resize/reloading issues inherent in Firefox. And Google Wave does not run properly in Internet Explorer.
  • For a larger working area, maximize the wave panel by clicking on the maximize icon on the upper right corner.
  • Read at least one of the guides to brainstorming.
  • Enjoy brainstorming in your collaborative and dynamic roundtable!


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